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About Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast Resorts are a network of hundreds of private member-only resorts which provide members the ability to maximize their destination and vacation choices. This way, Coast to Coast members are not tied down to one private resort, but have the ability to travel and utilize any of the member resorts throughout the country for very inexpensive nightly rates. This network of resorts includes the Coast Network as well as Coast Good Neighbor Parks.

The resorts in the Coast to Coast network are totally private for members only—just like Woodhaven Lakes. All of the people in membership campgrounds have paid membership fees to have the right to use the resorts. Also, in order for a resort to be licensed in the system, each resort must meet stringent requirements to participate. In fact, Woodhaven Lakes has consistently received The Prestige Award for resorts ratings, placing us in the top 15% of the total Coast to Coast system.

Most resorts in the Coast to Coast system have amenities and activities similar to Woodhaven—swimming pools, gated security entrance, and clean, updated facilities. The resorts also include a wide range of activities including nature hikes, concerts, theme weekends and other social events and activities for all ages. Most private resorts have full time security to keep you and your family safe and secure.

Coast to Coast Resorts

To become a Coast to Coast member, you must first join any one of the affiliated private membership campgrounds which then becomes your “home resort”. Once you join the home resort, you are then eligible to become a Coast to Coast member.

Coast to Coast offers three levels of membership: Classic, Deluxe and Premier. Woodhaven Lakes is classified as a Classic Coast to Coast member, so any Woodhaven Property Owner who wishes to join Coast to Coast will be able to join at the Classic membership level.

Classic membership level benefits include:

  • $10 per night camping at hundreds of private resorts throughout the U.S. & Canada
  • $15 per night camping at hundreds of Good Neighbor Parks in the Coast to Coast network
  • Rental accommodations at many resorts
  • Online Trip Routing to help plan your road trips
  • Coast to Coast Annual Resort Directory filled with resort features, articles and Resort and Good Neighbor Park profiles
  • Subscription to Coast to Coast’s club magazine, Highways
  • Access to Tripsetter, a 24/7 reservation system providing real-time reservation booking and confirmation
  • Trip Plus Hotel, Dining and Leisure discounts and coupons from Entertainment
  • Access to Coast Travel Services including cruises, airfare and car rental

Costs to Join Coast to Coast

To gain Coast to Coast membership through Woodhaven Lakes, the following conditions and costs are required:

  • Must be a current property owner of Woodhaven Lakes and be a member in good standing. This includes being current in association dues
  • Initial one-time enrollment fee of $500 paid to Woodhaven Lakes, which includes the first year of Coast to Coast membership dues.
  • An annual Coast to Coast membership fee is billed annually on your membership anniversary date directly from Coast to Coast.

To join Coast to Coast, please visit the Main Gate to fill out a Coast to Coast membership application and pay the required fee as outlined above. Payment is required at the time of application.

If you have any question, please call the gate at 815-849-5915 or e-mail us. You can also visit the Coast to Coast website at

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