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Join the Nature Center on an early spring wildflower walk through the woods. In video one we focus on the first flowers that bloom in the spring woodlands in Northern Illinois. Download the nature colors scavenger hunt page to join in finding the colors of spring during the video. Places to visit and find these flowers in the local area include: Franklin Creek State Natural Area (Franklin Grove), Lowell Park (Dixon), and Amboy Marsh Nature Preserve (Amboy). Please enjoy these gems by leaving them for others to view. View the video here.

Listen to the sounds of nature. Nature creates some incredible sounds from birds singing, bees buzzing, the sway of the trees in the wind, and the thunder of a storm. Have you ever closed your eyes and listened closely all around you? Use your ears to identify some common Woodhaven sounds in our What’s that Woodhaven Sound video! Do you think you can recognize every sound? Which ones remind you of Woodhaven? What is your favorite sound? View the video here.

Enjoy Dave DiNaso’s Traveling World of Reptiles program from May 23, 2020. Dave and Jeremy entertained and educated us about a variety of reptiles that can be found around the world! Get an up-close look at tiny alligators, long boa constrictors, unique iguana, and a chubby frog (the one amphibian in the show).

These are just a few of the critters. Check out the video here to find out the rest!

How do fish get from the fish hatchery to the lakes around Woodhaven? Watch this video to find out how fish stocking works!

Join Jerry Corcoran, Lakes and Bait Shop Manager at Woodhaven Lakes, to learn out to tie a fisherman’s knot. Also known as the improved clinch knot, this is the knot every person who likes to fish should know in order to attach a hook to the line. View the video here.

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