Membership Information

Membership Info

The Woodhaven Association is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation established in 1971. Membership is comprised of owners of campsites at Woodhaven Lakes. Members pay annual dues to maintain common ground and facilities; and to provide services, programs and events for Property Owners and their guests.

Because Woodhaven is a private facility, to become a member of the Association, a lot must be purchased within the camping resort. All members of the Association are Property Owners. We do not offer seasonal, weekly, or monthly rentals.


Woodhaven Association is a planned, private recreational vehicle community zoned as “special use.” Property is restricted to recreational use and cannot be used as a primary residence. Placement of all recreational vehicles, building sheds, room additions, etc. is strictly regulated by Environmental Standards and Control Department (ESAC) to preserve the natural surroundings. A permit must be obtained from ESAC prior to any construction or RV replacement.

Property Usage

Woodhaven property is limited to recreational use by zoning and by Woodhaven’s Declaration of Covenants. Because of this, Woodhaven cannot be used as a primary residence.

Woodhaven is open 7-days per week, 365 days-per year. Property Owners and their guests can access and enjoy their property year-round, every day of the year. However, because we are zoned as recreational use, there is a limit to the number of overnight stays per calendar year. This restriction is set at 200 overnight stays per calendar year.

Property Owner Passes

Access to Woodhaven is through a 24-hour staffed security gate. Four membership passes are issued to each lot. One pass is needed per vehicle to access the property. Passes are used from season to season and should not be discarded.

Woodhaven does not offer seasonal, weekly or monthly rentals. In order to use the many amenities and services of Woodhaven you must be a Property Owner, guest of a Property Owner or a Coast to Coast member.

Title to Property

Fee simple title to Woodhaven property can be given by warranty deed or a similar instrument of property transfer.

Governing of Woodhaven

The constitution as to the government of the Woodhaven Association is set forth in the Declaration of Covenants. The Association is governed by a Board of Directors elected from the membership and by the membership according to the corporate By-Laws.

Rules and Regulations

Woodhaven Association has established a set of Rules and Regulations to protect all Property Owners, their families and guest’s leisure time while on property at Woodhaven. The Policy Manual helps to provide clarification, interpretation, and direction to the Board, committees and employees on the Rules and Regulations and By-Laws.