New Aquatic Facility?

The idea for a Splash Park was born out of both necessity and improving what Woodhaven has to offer for summer recreation. Over the years Woodhaven Lakes has been met with many membership service needs and demands that when given enough time, resource, and planning ultimately achieved those property owner desires and interests. At Woodhaven’s core, the two swimming pools and lakefront beach have always been of the highest priority of all facilities utilized, followed closely by the lakes (more water!).

Busy, crowded, congested, and at times crazy tends to describe any given summer weekend at the aquatic facilities and on the holiday weekends, overwhelming. Recent operational adjustments requiring reservations, limiting use, and allowing for more members to participate at the facilities on the weekend have helped ease this tension.

For 15 years, relieving the present burden placed on the pools and beach, while providing additional aquatic oriented recreation different from our existing, has been the drive of the Facilities Planning Committee bringing about the Aquatic Splash Park of today.

An Aquatic Facility Site Analysis was completed by engineers from Water Technology Inc. in September of 2014. Best potential locations for an additional aquatic facility were identified and weighted for Solar Orientation, Utility Access, Topography, Geotechnical, Parking Areas, and Potential Destructions. Those areas were right next to Pool One (referenced as Site 1), the open field near the Woodhaven Lake Complex (Site 2) commonly known as “the overflow parking” for the Beach/Pool Two, and the open common area in Section 25 (Site 3) also known as “the woodchip pile.”

Disadvantages were subtracted from advantages in these areas with Section 25 (Site 3) being recommended 1st with 14 points, Overflow Parking (Site 2) with 13 points, and Pool One (Site 1) with 8 points. It was also noted by the Facilities Planning Committee that Section 25 (Site 3) was weighted negatively for “location not central”, which committee members considered to be a positive and more in line with their interest to more evenly distribute activities and populations across the property (not add more people to areas that are already heavily populated with users).

Two additional considerations unique to the Section 25 location also supported the committee’s recommendation. Those are enhanced access to the Preservation Area just across Woodhaven Drive West in Section 28, and the surplus space in the Section 25 common area for potential future growth. Future growth may include the grass walk paths throughout these two areas to be improved with gravel trails. Under the protection of Woodhaven’s Covenants and Restrictions, Preservation Areas (Section 28) cannot be developed with any sort of amenities however, opening up these 20+ unknown and forgotten acres of Woodhaven’s nature to hikers, bikers and nature programs is encouraging.

As it is a new project being considered, funding for the proposed Splash Park does not exist in the present day Woodhaven Association budget, or its 12 million dollar reserves. The initial 4.5 million dollar construction cost would arise from an internal loan from those reserves, and paid back to those reserves (with interest), over the next 15 years. The new facility will need to build reserves for future care and replacement over the next 30 years. In addition to the reserves, projected annual operating costs (staff, utilities, etc.) of $120,000 (with inflationary increases) would need to be added to the budget. These combined amounts would directly relate to a $90 annual increase in assessments. See breakdown in Green Box below.

New facilities or amenities of this size and scope cannot be developed without the approval of Woodhaven Lakes’ membership by a majority vote in the process of a referendum. Scheduled for early next summer, the Aquatic Operations Referendum Committee is seeking (pleading?) for input from property owners. They will be continuing to work with staff and professional resources to compile as much information and answers, being transparent as possible, knowledge based and unbiased, to be sure that all property owners have the information they will need to make a decision on the referendum, either for or against.

Please submit your questions, general or specific, to:

If you would like to chat in person about the proposed project…
…the AORC has planned two events Owners can attend and voice their comments, questions, and/or concerns.

Splash Park Referendum Town Hall
Saturday, April 23
10 a.m. – Rec Plex

*The Town Hall will be recorded and available at a later date for those who are unable to attend

Splash Park Informational Booth
Saturday, May 29
9 a.m.-3 p.m.
at the Open Air Market

Preliminary Project Budget


Preliminary Project Schedule

Project Design Phase Complete – Fall 2022

Project Bidding and Permits – Winter 2023

Construction Start – Summer 2023

Construction Complete – Spring 2024