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First installment assessment payments are due March 31. Starting April 1, a $50 late fee applies.
Second installment assessment payments are due May 31. Starting June 1, a $25 late fee applies.
Third installment assessment payments are due July 31. Starting August 1, a $25 late fee applies.
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We have a new payment portal!

Please read below to ensure you are able to make a payment correctly and timely. Please call the office with any questions.

We are happy to offer the option of making a full or installment assessment payments online. Payments can now be made via checking account or credit card (convenience fees apply). Please note: You will be charged a fee if your payment is returned for any reason.

If you wish to make an assessment payment by phone, you can do so by calling the Association Office at 815-849-5209 during normal business hours. 

There is a 3.25% convenience fee to pay by credit card, online/phone check payments carry a 0.5% + $0.35 fee. Payments can also be made with a check by mail, in person at the Association Office, or after hours at the Main Gate.

When making your payment, please reference your assessment invoice to pay the appropriate amount. If you are paying after the due date, additional charges apply. Please call the Association Office for your most up-to-date balance.

If you did not receive an invoice by mail, contact the Association Office at 815-849-5209.

New Payment Portal

The Association has implemented a new payment portal as of November 1, 2023. The new portal allows for both electronic check and credit card payments (convenience fee applies). 

Detailed information on navigating the new portal can be found on our post here. To proceed with making a payment on the new portal, or registering an account, please click the button below.

Old Payment Portal 

The old payment portal was terminated December 28, 2023. If you had recurring payments set up, they also terminated as of December 28, 2023. To set up recurring payments in our payment portal system, please call the Association Office. 

You have two options to pay online:


If you plan on using the online payment portal to make multiple installment payments, it may be more convenient to register an account for the payment website. Once you sign up, all of your contact and payment information will be stored securely so you will not be required to re-input all of your information with every visit to the payment site. The online payment portal is a separate website than the Members page and does not use the same user name or password to log in. You must create a new user name and password to sign up for the payment portal portion of the website.

Pay without Registering

If you simply want to go in and make a payment without saving your contact information, simply click “Add Bill” on the payment portal site and continue to payor information. If you choose to pay without registering an account, you will have to input your contact and banking information on each subsequent visit to the payment portal.

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