Woodhaven Lakes is never short of places to go fishing.

Our Lakes

There are several man-made lakes and several small ponds within Woodhaven Lakes. They include:

  • Woodhaven Lake (26.8 acres)
  • Bass Lake (25.8 acres)
  • Sunset Lake (7.2 acres)
  • Black Oak Lake (6.5 acres)
  • Pine Lake (2 acres)
  • Hidden Lake (1.5 acres)
  • Blue Gill Lake (1/2 acre)

Our Lakes Manager has a degree in Fisheries, Biology/Lake Management. We are committed to preserving the ecological health of our lake system. Only rowboats, canoes, paddleboats and sailboats are allowed on our lakes. We do not allow the use of gasoline-powered motors on any of the lakes. Electric trolling motors may be used on Woodhaven, Bass, Sunset and Black Oak Lakes.


All watercraft used upon the lakes must be registered with the State of Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Registration forms may be acquired from any boat dealer or Department of Natural Resources office. Owners of boats, canoes, paddleboats, and sailboats must display a current registration sticker on the watercraft used upon the lakes or stored at one of the lake storage areas. Pontoon boats used upon the lakes are not allowed to exceed 16 feet total length. All watercraft are required to display owner’s section/lot numbers on the outside. Gas powered motors are not allowed on boats used by Property Owners and guests on the lakes.


The main species of fish caught are largemouth bass, bluegill, and channel catfish. In addition, populations of redear sunfish, black crappie, green sunfish, bullhead and carp exist.

The lakes at Woodhaven are stocked on a regular basis and are based on fish surveys conducted by biologists from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and lake personnel. Species most often stocked are channel catfish and hybrid bluegill. Catfish are normally stocked at a catchable size of 1 – 2 pounds each. The hybrid bluegills are stocked at 5 – 7 inches.

Each fall, rainbow trout are stocked in Pine, Bluegill and Hidden lakes for fall, winter and spring fishing. The trout are approximately one pound (11 – 14 inches) at the time of stocking. The catch limit for trout is set at three fish per day, not per lake.

Fishing piers are located on Woodhaven, Pine, and Black Oak Lakes. These structures offer a stable and flat surface to fish from over the water. During winter months, ice fishing becomes popular, especially for bluegill and trout.

Woodhaven requires and enforces the use of a valid Illinois Fishing license. Minnows are not allowed as bait in any lake.

2016 Fishing Catch Limits

  • Largemouth Bass: 14-inch minimum length limit, 1 fish daily limit per lake
  • Muskellunge (Musky): Catch and Release Only
  • Walleye: 2 fish daily limit, 16-inch minimum length limit
  • Bluegill & Redear Sunfish: No limits
  • Crappie: 15 per day
  • Channel Catfish: 4 per day
  • Bullhead: No limits
  • Rainbow Trout: 3 per day (Inland Trout Stamp Required)
  • Common Carp: No limits (Do not return to water)
  • Grass Carp: Please return to water

Lake Depth Contour Maps

Click on the thumbnail images below to open a full-sized downloadable and printable depth contour map.