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Woodhaven Association’s Board of Directors has approved the creation of a Deer Management AdHoc Committee. Deadline for applications is April 15. Please complete the form below or utilize the print form HERE.
The mission of Woodhaven’s Ad Hoc DMC is to collect, review, and analyze data related to Woodhaven’s deer population and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors centered on maintaining a well-balanced and healthy deer herd at Woodhaven.
  1. Review data from staff, outside wildlife agencies, and other information collected on deer populations, their impact at Woodhaven, possible risks, and the health of the herd.
  1. Using this information, recommend target objectives on what is an appropriate deer population for Woodhaven, based on carrying capacities, suitable habitat, and potential for disease in determining an acceptable number of deer per square mile .
  1. Provide information and education materials, through literature and in-person programs that can be provided to Property Owners and interested parties on the Deer Management Program.
  1. Develop and recommend programs and concepts intended to bring Woodhaven’s deer population within the acceptable limits recommended through this process
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