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Board of Directors

Daniel Rossi

 Board President

October was the last month for scheduled activities for our Recreation Department for the year. They finished with a bang. The Halloween weekend activities I am sure the 80-degree sunny weekend had something to do with it had the highest attendance I have seen in the 6 years I have attended.

The children’s Halloween Party at the Rec Plex had a line into the parking lot waiting to get in. The race had a record number of participants. Trunk or Treat was incredible. There were more trunks set up then usual and the number of families who attended was again the most I have ever seen. The line extended all the way down the path, but everyone got in and all the kids got their share of candy.

The not so happy part of October is the realization that it is time to close-up our trailers and winterize. We will miss seeing our friends and neighbors at Woodhaven for the winter months. Let’s remember we are open all year and it is really nice to come out and visit during the winter months, especially after a new snow. It is a “postcard picture” time of year!

Everyone stay safe during the winter and start planning for the Holidays.

Daniel Rossi,
Board of Directors President

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