Buying or Selling Your Property at Woodhaven

Transferring property at Woodhaven is a two step process:

Step 1: The Legal Transfer.

Real estate is transferred by recording a deed in the county office where the property is located. It is imperative that a deed gets recorded to establish legal ownership rights. Only the legal owner has the right to transfer the property. Furthermore, it is the legal owner that is responsible for all obligation of ownership including membership dues, real estate taxes, and water and sewer charges.

In order to record a deed, a new deed needs to be prepared and signed by the previous owner of record.

Step 2: Woodhaven Association Transfer.

The new owner will need to complete membership papers for the Association. The new owners may request the membership forms by mail or come to the Association Office to complete the required paperwork.

When buying or selling your property through Woodhaven Lakes Realty, all of the paperwork required to complete the process are completed and thoroughly explained before and during the closing.

Can My Property Be Put in a Trust?

Property can be put in a trust but only if very specific requirements are met. These requirements are clearly defined in the Resolution of the Board of Directors regarding trusts. If you are planning to place your property in a trust, please contact the Association Office at 815-849-5209 or Woodhaven Lakes Realty at 815-849-5476 prior to proceeding.