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The Woodhaven News

The Woodhaven News is a monthly publication (except February) designed to keep property owners informed about Woodhaven and used to help promote Woodhaven Lakes to future property owners. There are monthly articles from the Board President, Exective Director, General Manager, upcoming recreation events, ESAC Corner, citations, and more.

Subscription costs are included in the property owner’s yearly assessments. The Woodhaven News is mailed directly to property owners and other subscribers and is also distributed for free at the Association Office.

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The Leisure Times

The Leisure Times is a free newsletter published between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Spring Fling Weekend and Fall Fest Weekend, for property owners and guests. The Leisure Times provides a weekly schedule of recreation events, updated section meetings, facility hours, Nature Center activities, and other important information. The newsletter is published in-house and distributed beginning on Thursday afternoon of each week through the Main Gate, Association Office and other facilities on property.